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Adaptive MCMC-Based Particle Filter for Real-Time Multi-Face Tracking on Mobile Platforms
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  • Journal title : International Journal of Contents
  • Volume 10, Issue 3,  2014, pp.17-25
  • Publisher : The Korea Contents Association
  • DOI : 10.5392/IJoC.2014.10.3.017
 Title & Authors
Adaptive MCMC-Based Particle Filter for Real-Time Multi-Face Tracking on Mobile Platforms
Na, In Seop; Le, Ha; Kim, Soo Hyung;
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In this paper, we describe an adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo-based particle filter that effectively addresses real-time multi-face tracking on mobile platforms. Because traditional approaches based on a particle filter require an enormous number of particles, the processing time is high. This is a serious issue, especially on low performance devices such as mobile phones. To resolve this problem, we developed a tracker that includes a more sophisticated likelihood model to reduce the number of particles and maintain the identity of the tracked faces. In our proposed tracker, the number of particles is adjusted during the sampling process using an adaptive sampling scheme. The adaptive sampling scheme is designed based on the average acceptance ratio of sampled particles of each face. Moreover, a likelihood model based on color information is combined with corner features to improve the accuracy of the sample measurement. The proposed tracker applied on various videos confirmed a significant decrease in processing time compared to traditional approaches.
MCMC;Particle Filter;Multi Face Tracking;Mobile Platform;
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