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Studies on the Genetic Relationships of Sheep Populations from East and South of Central Asia
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 Title & Authors
Studies on the Genetic Relationships of Sheep Populations from East and South of Central Asia
Sun, W.; Chang, H.; Yang, Z.P.; Geng, R.Q.; Lu, S.X.; Chang, G.B.; Xu, W.; Wang, H.Y.; Ren, Z.J.; Tsunoda, K.;
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Hu sheep was sampled randomly from Huzhou city, Zhejiang province, China. Of the 11 genetic markers from the blood examined by starch-gel and cellulose acetate electrophoresis, polymorphisms in Hu sheep were found for 10 loci, i.e. post-albumin (Po), transferring (Tf), alkaline phosphatase (Alp), leucine aminopeptidase (Lap), arylesterase (Ary-Es), hemoglobin- (Hb-)、Xprotein(X-p), carbonic anhydrase (CA), catalase (Cat) and lysine (Ly). The same data except for Po locus were collected from another 14 sheep breeds from China and other countries, in order to ascertain their genetic relationships with one another and with the Hu sheep. The sheep populations from the east and south of Central Asia can be classified into three genetic groups: 'Mongolian sheep', 'South Asian sheep' and 'European sheep'. The Hu sheep belong to the 'Mongolian sheep' group.
Sheep;East and South of Central Asia;Genetic Relationships;
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