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Microsatellite Analysis of Three Poultry Breeds of India
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 Title & Authors
Microsatellite Analysis of Three Poultry Breeds of India
Pandey, A.K.; Tantia, M.S.; Kumar, Dinesh; Mishra, Bina; Chaudhary, Preeti; Vijh, R.K.;
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The genetic variability of three poultry breeds namely Aseel, Miri and Nicobari taken from different geographical locations of India were evaluated using 15 microsatellite loci. No. of alleles varied from 3 to 9 in Aseel, 3 to 8 in Miri and 2 to 7 in Nicobari. Mean PIC values in Aseel, Miri and Nicobari breeds were 0.64, 0.66 and 0.63, respectively. Average unbiased heterozygosity and direct count heterozygosity were 0.65 and 0.59, 0.68 and 0.61, and 0.64 and 0.57 in Aseel, Miri and Nicobari breeds, respectively. High heterozygosity values revealed in this study are indicative of low level of inbreeding, large population size and no or low selection pressure for commercial trait in all three populations. The estimate of genetic distances using Nei's standard, Nei's minimum and Reynold's distance revealed Aseel and Nicobari to be more closely related than Miri breed of poultry.
Poultry;Microsatellite;Genetic Distance;
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