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The Use of Apple Pomace in Rice Straw Based Diets of Korean Native Goats(Capra hircus)
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 Title & Authors
The Use of Apple Pomace in Rice Straw Based Diets of Korean Native Goats(Capra hircus)
Ahn, J.H.; Jo, I.H.; Lee, J.S.;
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In this study, three different experiments were conducted to evaluate the nutritional value of apple pomace produced in southern areas of the Republic of Korea (South Korea). The effects of combining apple pomace in different ratios with commercial concentrates and rice straw in the diets of Korean native goats (Capra hircus) were examined. In experiment I, in situ DM and CP disappearances from nylon bags incubated in the rumen of goats showed that greater amounts of DM and CP were released from apple pomace than those from concentrates at the later stages of incubation, but only after 48 h for DM and CP, respectively. This was reflected in the higher 'b' value of the slowly degradable fraction of the apple pomace compared to the concentrates. Prior to these times the trend was reversed. In experiment II, Korean native goats were fed a diet containing apple pomace with either rice straw or rice straw and concentrates, and the in vivo nutrient digestibilities compared to animals receiving an alfalfa hay. DM digestibility in the animals given apple pomace plus concentrates with rice straw (66.86%) were similar to the goats given alfalfa hay only (69.09%) but significantly greater than for a diet of rice straw plus concentrates. In experiment III, an in vivo study was conducted to investigate the inclusion of 30 to 60% apple pomace pre-mixed with rice straw, rice bran and concentrates on the nutritional value for Korean native goats. Apple pomace mixed diets had higher DM intakes, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen retention than diets without apple pomace, which may have been due to the higher non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) and less ADF and NDF than those in other treatments. Replacement of concentrates with apple pomace in rice straw based diets of Korean native goats fed either separately (experiment II) or by pre-mixing (experiment III) gave satisfactory feed intake, digestibility, pH of ruminal fluid and production of -N and VFA in the rumen of goats. The results of this study infer that apple pomace can be included at levels of up to 60% in the diets of goats without dramatic effect on the animal.
Digestibility;Apple Pomace;Korean Native Goats;Rice Straw;Agricultural Byproducts;
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