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Effect of Substitution of Groundnut with Soybean Meal at Varying Fish Meal and Protein Levels on Performance and Egg Quality of Layer Chickens
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Substitution of Groundnut with Soybean Meal at Varying Fish Meal and Protein Levels on Performance and Egg Quality of Layer Chickens
Naulia, Uma; Singh, K.S.;
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Two hundred and sixteen single comb white egg layers of the White Leghorn hens of 24 weeks of age were randomly allocated to 12 groups with three replications of six hens in each. Hens were fed in a factorial arrangement 22, on diets containing either 16 or 18% crude protein with 0, 3 or 6% fish meal, replacing groundnut meal with soybean meal. Soybean meal incorporation improved (p<0.05) egg production, feed intake, feed conversion efficiency and egg weights. Egg quality traits of specific gravity, shape index, albumen index, yolk index and shell thickness remained unchanged. Laying performance was significantly (p<0.05) better at 18% than on 16% dietary protein level. Use of fish meal linearly improved egg production and feed conversion efficiency on diets supplemented with groundnut meal and fish meal incorporation showed quadratic improvement on feed conversion efficiency with SBM diets at 16% dietary protein level. Therefore, use of soybean meal as substitute of groundnut meal is recommended in layer diets, at 16% dietary protein level and fish meal incorporation could be beneficial for layers.
Groundnut Meal;Soybean Meal;Layer Performance;Egg Quality;
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