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Effects of Casein and Protein-free Diets on Endogenous Amino Acid Losses in Pigs
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Casein and Protein-free Diets on Endogenous Amino Acid Losses in Pigs
Zhang, Yongcheng; Li, Defa; Fan, Shijun; Piao, Xiangshu; Wang, Jitan; Han, In K.;
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Quantification of endogenous amino acid loss at the terminal ileum is an essential means for calculation of the true amino acid digestibility of a feedstuff. Since nitrogen appeared in the determined diet or not could shift the results very much, also, none of digestibility markers could be recovered with 100% rate at the terminal ileum, the objectives of the present study were: (1) to determine endogenous amino acid losses when fed either a casein diet or a protein-free diet and (2) to examine the reliability of chromic oxide or acid insoluble ash in the protein-free diet. Six ileal-cannulated pigs ( BW) with a simple T-cannula in the terminal ileum were used in a replicated Latin square designed trial, after allowed a 14 d recuperation period. Each test period ran for 12 days comprised of a 10 d adjustment period and a 2 d collection period. The endogenous AA losses of His, Ile, Lys, Cys, Thr, Val, Trp, Asp, Glu, and Ser from pigs fed the casein diet were significantly higher than those of the protein-free diet (p<0.05). No significant difference was found in the amount of endogenous amino acid loss when determined with the different markers in the protein-free diet (p>0.05). These data suggest that endogenous amino acid loss could be underestimated when a protein-free diet is used. A direct effect of dietary peptides on the endogenous amino acid loss was found when the casein diet was fed. Our results also indicate that acid insoluble ash can be used as an inert marker as an alternative to chromic oxide when measuring endogenous amino acid loss.
Protein-Free Diet;Casein;Endogenous Amino Acids;Pig;Digestibility Markers;
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