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Induction of Changes in Morphology, Reactive Nitrogen/Oxygen Intermediates and Apoptosis of Duck Macrophages by Aflatoxin B1
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 Title & Authors
Induction of Changes in Morphology, Reactive Nitrogen/Oxygen Intermediates and Apoptosis of Duck Macrophages by Aflatoxin B1
Cheng, Yeong-Hsiang; Shen, Tian-Fuh; Chen, Bao-Ji;
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of aflatoxin () on the ultracellular morphology alteration, apoptosis induction and reactive nitrogen and oxygen intermediates production of peritoneal macrophages (DPM) from mule ducks. The ducklings were purchased from a commercial hatchery, and were fed a corn-soybean based diet. As the ducklings were grown up to 3 wk of age, the Sephadex-elicited peritoneal exudative cells (PEC) were used as the source for duck peritoneal macrophages. The ultracellular morphology study showed that significant number of cells shifted from category I (normal cell with ruffled membrane) and II (cell membrane blebbing) to category III (cell membrane blebbing and even rupture) after DPM were incubated with () for 12 to 48 h. When DPM were exposed to in vitro, the production of NO, and in macrophages was reduced after 12-48 h incubation with previous LPS stimulation. There was a DNA laddering pattern observed in DPM incubated with 5, 10, 20, 50 or for 12 h. Evidence also revealed that the percentage of apoptotic cells was increased along with the elevation of concentration. The results suggest that exposure causes duck macrophages going on apoptotic pathway through evidence of ultracellular morphology alteration and DNA laddering in agarose electrophoresis. The production of reactive nitrogen and oxygen intermediates of duck macrophages also depressed after exposure, and this implied that could cause deteriorated functions of bacteriocidal and tumoricidal activity in duck macrophages.
Aflatoxin ;Apoptosis;Reactive Nitrogen/Oxygen Intermediates;Macrophages;
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