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Cytoskeletal Patterns, In Vitro Maturation and Parthenogenetic Development of Rabbit GV Oocytes
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 Title & Authors
Cytoskeletal Patterns, In Vitro Maturation and Parthenogenetic Development of Rabbit GV Oocytes
Ju, J.C.; Chen, T.H.; Tseng, J.K.; Tsay, C.; Yeh, S.P.; Chou, P.C.; Chen, C.H.; Liu, C.T.;
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The purposes of this study were to optimize the in vitro maturation (IVM) and culture (IVC) systems of rabbit oocytes. Cytoskeletal structures in the germinal vesicle stage (GV) and during IVM are also investigated. Ovaries were transported from local slaughterhouses and the cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) were collected from ovarian follicles (). COCs were randomly allocated to TCM199-based medium (, TCM-199) supplemented with , glucose, sodium pyruvate and FSH (), (), (), or (), for IVM. In Experiment 1, COCs were retrieved from the follicles and 51 GV oocytes were fixed in the fixative (MTSB-XF) for nuclear and cytoplasmic examinations. In Experiment 2, progressive changes of both the nucleus and the cytoskeleton were examined at 0, 6, 16, and 20 h after IVM. Maturation (MR) and developmental rates were assessed in Experiment 3. Cytoplasmic microtubules (MT) were clearly observed in rabbit GV oocytes. To our knowledge, this is the first report that describes the appearance of MT structures in the GV stage ooplasm. Tremendous variations in cytoskeletal alterations were observed among treatments with the exception of the vitelline ring (VR), which is constantly visible and unchanged during maturation. Germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) does not occur at 6 h after onset of maturation culture. When the oocytes for IVM were collected within 2 h, results from Experiment 3 showed that rates of nuclear maturation were 42, 8, 42, 37 and 65% at 16 h of IVM for through , respectively, in which , and had significantly greater MR than those in other groups (p<0.05). Morula/blastocyst development after parthenogenetic activation ranged from 20 to 63% with significantly greater rates in , and (p<0.05). These results suggested that oocytes recovered from slaughterhouse ovaries can be matured and parthenogenetically activated in vitro, but the MR remained low in this study. Addition of and LH in the medium may be beneficial for cytoplasmic maturation, but FBS exerts a nega- tive role in the subsequent development of parthenogenetic embryos when energy substrates are provided in the IVC media. More studies are required for improving the MR and further development of the GV stage rabbit oocytes.
Germinal Vesicle;Cytoplasmic Microtubule;In Vitro Maturation;Cytoskeleton;Rabbit;
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