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Response of Muscle Protein Synthesis to the Infusion of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I and Fasting in Young Chickens
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 Title & Authors
Response of Muscle Protein Synthesis to the Infusion of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I and Fasting in Young Chickens
Kita, K.; Shibata, T.; Aman Yaman, M.; Nagao, K.; Okumura, J.;
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In order to elucidate the physiological function of circulating IGF-I on muscle protein synthesis in the chicken under malnutritional conditions, we administrated recombinant chicken IGF-I using a osmotic mini pump to fasted young chickens and measured the rate of muscle protein synthesis and plasma metabolite. The pumps delivered IGF-I at the rate of . Fractional rate of protein synthesis in the muscle was measured using a large dose injection of L-[]phenylalanine. Constant infusion of chicken IGF-I did not affect plasma glucose level. Significant interaction between dietary treatment and IGF-I infusion was observed in plasma NEFA and total cholesterol concentrations. When chicks were fasted, IGF-I infusion decreased plasma NEFA and total cholesterol concentrations. On the other hand, IGF-I administration did not affect plasma levels of both metabolites. Fasting reduced plasma triglyceride concentration significantly. IGF-I infusion also decreased the level of plasma triglyceride. Plasma IGF-I concentration of young chickens was halved by fasting for 1 d. IGF-I infusion using an osmotic minipump for 1 d increased plasma IGF-I concentration in fasted chicks to the level of fed chicks. Fasting decreased body weight and the loss of body weight was significantly ameliorated by IGF-I infusion. There was a significant interaction between dietary treatment and IGF-I infusion in the fractional rate of breast muscle protein synthesis. There was no effect of IGF-I infusion on muscle protein synthesis in fed chicks. Muscle protein synthesis reduced by fasting was ameliorated by IGF-I infusion, but did not reach to the level of fed control. Muscle weight of fasted chicks infused with IGF-I was similar to fasted birds without IGF-I infusion, which suggests that muscle protein degradation would be increased by IGF-I infusion as well as protein synthesis in fasted chicks.
IGF-I infusion;Muscle;Protein Synthesis;Chickens;
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Investigation of the Insulin-like Growth Factor System in Breast Muscle during Embryonic and Postnatal Development in Langshan and Arbor Acres Chickens Subjected to Different Feeding Regimens,;;;;

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