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Effect of Antioxidant Fortification on Preservability of Buffalo Semen
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Antioxidant Fortification on Preservability of Buffalo Semen
Raina, V.S.; Gupta, A.K.; Singh, Kiran;
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During the process of freezing, spermatozoa suffer cold shock which increases their susceptibility to lipid peroxidation which plays an important role in ageing of spermatozoa, shortening their life span and affecting the preservation of semen. An experiment was therefore conducted to study the effect of addition of natural antioxidants into semen diluents on the preservability of buffalo semen. Split semen samples were extended in milk egg yolk diluents fortified with vitamin E (MYE), vitamin C (MYC) and control group (MYO); Tris-egg yolk diluents fortified with vitamin E (TYE), vitamin C (TYC) and control group (TYO) and evaluated for their preservabilities at 4-7 and . Overall least squares mean of percent motility observed after 0, 24, 48, 72 and 96 h of preservation at 4-7 were 66.70, 54.00, 36.80, 21.90 and 12.50, respectively while the estimates for semen extended in MYE, MYC, MYO, TYE, TYC and TYO were 44.80, 42.70, 38.70, 36.00, 35.20 and 33.00 percent, respectively. The results showed that motility was significantly (p<0.01) affected by extender (extender-antioxidant combination) and preservation interval. Overall least squares mean percent motility observed after 0, 4, 8, 12 and 24 h of preservation at were 68.50, 58.90, 45.00, 38.10 and 18.10 percent, respectively, while the estimates for semen extended in MYE, MYC, MYO, TYE, TYC and TYO were 48.20, 49.30, 46.80, 45.30, 42.30 and 42.50 percent, respectively. Extender and storage interval were found to be significantly (p<0.01) affecting spermatozoa motility on room temperature preservation. The results indicated that the incorporation of antioxidants, especially vitamin E, had beneficial effect on preservability of buffalo semen.
Antioxidant;Buffalo Semen;Murrah;Semen Preservability;
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Study on Suitable Semen Additives Incorporation into the Extender Stored at Refrigerated Temperature,Bhakat, M.;Mohanty, T.K.;Raina, V.S.;Gupta, A.K.;Pankaj, P.K.;Mahapatra, R.K.;Sarkar, M.;

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