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Effect of Fish Oil Supplement on Growth Performance, Ruminal Metabolism and Fatty Acid Composition of Longissimus Muscle in Korean Cattle
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Fish Oil Supplement on Growth Performance, Ruminal Metabolism and Fatty Acid Composition of Longissimus Muscle in Korean Cattle
Kook, K.; Choi, B.H.; Sun, S.S.; Garcia, Fernando; Myung, K.H.;
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We investigated the effect of fish oil (FOS) on growth performance, ruminal metabolism and fatty acid composition and physical characteristics of longissimus muscle in 10 steers and 10 bulls of Korean cattle. Concentrates diet was supplemented with FOS at 5% of the diet. FOS contained 3.34% eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 24.87% docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) of total fatty acids by weight. Average daily weight gain and feed efficiency were not affected (p>0.871) by FOS, but feed intake was decreased. FOS had lower (p<0.003) pH and higher (p<0.001) -N than that of control. There was a treatment effect (p<0.001) for serum cholesterol concentrations. FOS increased (p<0.009) concentrations of n-3 fatty acids, including linolenic, EPA and DHA in longissimus muscle. Physical traits were significantly (p<0.015) changed by feeding FOS except for pH and lightness (L). We concluded that the fatty acid composition and physical properties of the muscle in fattening Korean cattle can be altered by feeding 5% FOS.
Fish Oil;Korean Cattle;Fatty Acid Composition;
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