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Factors Affecting Reproductive Performance in the Nepalese Pakhribas Pig:Effects of Nutrition and Housing during Gilt Rearing
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 Title & Authors
Factors Affecting Reproductive Performance in the Nepalese Pakhribas Pig:Effects of Nutrition and Housing during Gilt Rearing
Shrestha, N.P.; Edwards, S.A.; English, P.R.; Robertson, J.F.;
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The effects of housing and nutrition on the performance of growing gilts of the Nepalese Pakhribas breed were investigated. A total of 36 pigs were allocated according to a factorial design with 3 levels of nutrition, provided to achieve a target growth rate of 200, 300 or 400 g/day, and two types of housing, traditional or improved. The growth rate and body composition were monitored during the growing period and subsequent pregnancy. There was a significantly higher growth rate (p<0.01), greater backfat thickness (p<0.01), and greater eye muscle depth (p<0.01) at service in pigs given the higher level of nutrition. Similarly, there was a significantly higher growth rate (p<0.05), and greater eye muscle depth (p<0.10) with improved housing but no significant difference in backfat thickness. The conception rate was 90% at first service, with no difference between treatments. Gilts from the high plane of rearing produced a mean litter size of one piglet greater than those on the low plane, but this was not significant with the limited numbers. However, both improved plane of nutrition and reduced climatic penalty by improving housing resulted in increased birthweight of piglets (p<0.05). It is concluded that improvement in housing can give benefits equivalent to at least a 7% improvement in efficiency of feed use under traditional Nepalese circumstances for pig rearing.
Gilt;Nepal;Nutrition;Housing;Growth Rate;Body Composition;
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Factors Affecting Reproductive Performance in the Nepalese Pakhribas Pig: Effects of Nutrition and Housing during Lactation,;;;;

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