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Gene Constitution of Egg White Proteins of Native Chicken in Asian Countries
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 Title & Authors
Gene Constitution of Egg White Proteins of Native Chicken in Asian Countries
Kinoshita, K.; Okamoto, S.; Shimogiri, T.; Kawabe, K.; Nishida, T.; Kakizawa, R.; Yamamoto, Y.; Maeda, Y.;
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Genetic variations of seven egg white protein loci in 1,112 samples from eight Asian countries (Yunnan province of China, Mongolia, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia) and 360 samples from two improved breeds (Isa Brown, Boris Brown) were investigated by using starch gel and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Five egg white protein loci (Ov, , , and ) were found to be polymorphic in Asian native chicken populations. The proportion of polymorphic loci () and average heterozygosity () of Asian native populations varied from 0.143 to 0.714 and 0.014 to 0.225, respectively, and were higher than those of improved breeds. The subdivision index () value among 18 native chicken populations in Asia is lower (0.0827) than among improved chicken populations (0.1693). This value means that the degree of subdivision among Asian native populations is lower than among improved breeds and gene constitutions among populations in Asia are similar.
Native Chicken;Egg White;Protein Polymorphism;Genetic Variability;Heterozygosity;
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