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Statistical Genetic Studies on Cattle Breeding for Dairy Productivity in Bangladesh: I. Genetic Improvement for Milk Performance of Local Cattle Populations
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 Title & Authors
Statistical Genetic Studies on Cattle Breeding for Dairy Productivity in Bangladesh: I. Genetic Improvement for Milk Performance of Local Cattle Populations
Hossain, K.B.; Takayanagi, S.; Miyake, T.; Moriya, K.; Bhuiyan, A.K.F.H.; Sasaki, Y.;
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Genetic parameters for dairy performance traits were estimated, breeding values for the traits of all breeding sires and cows were predicted and the genetic trends were estimated using the breeding values in the Central Cattle Breeding Station (CCBS). A total of 3,801 records for Bangladeshi Local, 756 records for Red Sindhi and 959 records for Sahiwal covering the period from 1961 to 1997 were used in this analysis. Traits considered were total milk production per lactation (TLP), lactation length (LL) and daily milk yield (DMY). The genetic parameters were estimated by the REML using MTDFREML program. The breeding values were predicted by a best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP). In all sets of data, the genetic trends for the dairy performance traits were computed as averages of breeding values for cows born in the particular year. The estimates of heritability for TLP (0.26 and 0.27) and DMY (0.28 and 0.27) were moderate in Bangladeshi local and Red Sindhi breed, respectively. Furthermore, the heritability estimate for LL (0.24) was moderate in Red Sindhi. The estimates of heritabilities for all traits were low in Sahiwal. The repeatability estimate was high for TLP, moderate for LL and moderate to high for DMY. All variances estimated in Bangladeshi Local were low, comparing the respective values estimated in both Red Sindhi and Sahiwal. On the other hand, additive genetic variances for the three traits were estimated very low in Sahiwal. The genetic trends for the three dairy production traits have not been positive except for the recent trend in Bangladeshi Local.
Bangladeshi Cattle;Milk Performance;Genetic Parameters;Genetic Trend;
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