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Protocols for Estrus Synchronization in Awassi Ewes under Arid Environmental Conditions
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 Title & Authors
Protocols for Estrus Synchronization in Awassi Ewes under Arid Environmental Conditions
Abdullah, A.Y.; Husein, M.Q.; Kridli, R.T.;
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In July, three trials were conducted to evaluate the best sponge type and optimum PMSG dose to be administered to sheep under the Jordanian Badia (arid) conditions. In trial 1, three flocks (n=77, n=18 and n=47 for flocks 1, 2 and 3, respectively) were administered with 40 mg fluorogestone acetate (FGA) intravaginal sponges for 12 days before receiving 600 IU of PMSG at the time of sponge removal. In trial 2, 95 ewes were assigned to 4 groups to receive 300 (n=25), 450 (n=27), 600 (n=22) or 750 (n=21) IU of PMSG following a 12 d FGA 40 mg sponge insertion period. In trial 3, 60 ewes were assigned to 3 groups (n=20) to receive either FGA 30 mg, FGA 40 mg or medroxyprogesterone acetate (MAP) 60 mg intravaginal sponges all followed by an administration of 600 IU of PMSG at sponge removal. In all trials, rams were isolated 1 day before sponge insertion and were allowed back with the ewes at sponge removal. Estrual responses and lambing data were collected. The effects of treatment, milking status and face color on estrual responses and lambing data were examined. In trial 1, greater first cycle conception rate (p<0.05), twinning rate (p<0.01) and the number of lambs born/served ewe (p<0.01) were observed in flock 2 compared with flocks 1 and 3. Neither face color nor milking status had any influence on the measured parameters (p>0.05). Despite low lambing rate in trial 2, ewes receiving 600 IU of PMSG had greater (p<0.05) number of lambs born/served ewe compared with ewes receiving 450 IU of PMSG. Regardless of PMSG dose, intervals to detected estrus occurred 10 h earlier (p<0.01) in dry than lactating ewes. Similar to trial 2, lambing rate was depressed in trial 3. The expression of estrus was advanced (p<0.05) in ewes receiving MAP 60 mg sponges compared with those receiving FGA 30 and FGA 40 mg sponges (423.1, 493.1 and 493.1 h post sponge removal in ewes receiving MAP 60 mg, FGA 30 mg and FGA 40 mg sponges, respectively). Other parameters were not influenced (p>0.05) by sponge type, milking status and face color. Data show that a 600 IU dose of PMSG tends to give the best lambing results. In addition, results indicate that the use 60 mg MAP sponges for estrus synchronization may be more appropriate under the Jordanian Badia conditions during late seasonal anestrus.
Awassi;Estrus Synchronization;Fluorogestone Acetate;Medroxyprogesterone Acetate;PMSG;Lambing Rate;
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