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Detection of DNA Fragment to Differentiate Korean Cattle
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 Title & Authors
Detection of DNA Fragment to Differentiate Korean Cattle
Yeo, J.S.; Kim, J.W.; Chang, T.K.; Nam, D.H.; Han, J.Y.; Choi, C.B.;
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In order to identify and develop the specific DNA marker for the identification of Hanwoo (Korean Cattle) from other breeds, a specific DNA marker of 519 bp was identified and sequenced from polymorphic analysis using RAPD-PCR for 6 cattle breeds. Two different repetitive sequences, and , were selected and designed to use specific probe to develop a DNA marker for Hanwoo specific. When the probe was applied, the 10 kb specific DNA marker showed in the DNA fingerprinting from 237 of 281 Hanwoo individuals. This novel Hanwoo specific DNA probe is useful to perform the marker-assisted selection for screening Hanwoo purity as an unique genetic source.
RAPD-PCR;Specific DNA Probe;DNA Fingerprinting;Hanwoo (Korean Cattle);
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Characterization of Korean Cattle Keratin IV Gene,;;;;

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