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Effect of Supplementing Sheep with Sunflower Acid Oil or its Calcium Soap on Nutrient Utilization
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Effect of Supplementing Sheep with Sunflower Acid Oil or its Calcium Soap on Nutrient Utilization
Alexander, G.; Rao, Z. Prabhakara; Prasad, J. Rama;
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Four adult rams () were used in a latin square design to evaluate the rations without () or with supplementation of sunflower acid oil at 5 (), 10 () or calcium soap at 10% of dietary DM () on nutrient digestibility and balances of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. The basal ration contained 60 parts Brazilian napier grass hay and 40 parts concentrate mixture. The DM, CF, NDF and ADF digestibilities and nitrogen retention (g/d) decreased (p<0.01) by inclusion of sunflower acid oil at 5% of dietary DM. In addition, depression (p<0.01) in digestibilities of CP, nitrogen free extract (NFE), cellulose, hemicellulose, retention of calcium and phosphorus (g/d) were also observed with increasing the level of sunflower acid oil to 10% of dietary DM. The EE digestibility, total digestible nutrients (TDN) content and calcium retention (g/d) were significantly higher (p<0.01) for ration supplemented with calcium soap. It is concluded that sunflower acid oil supplementation in free form as low as 5% of dietary DM is deleterious to fibre digestion in sheep while as calcium soap, it can be fed up to 10% of dietary DM as an energy source without any adverse effect.
Sunflower Acid Oil;Calcium Soap;Nutrient Utilization;Sheep;
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Growth Performance of Lambs Fed Diet Supplemented with Rice Bran Oil as Such or as Calcium Soap,;;;;

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