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Factors Affecting the Inosine Monophosphate Content of Muscles in Taihe Silkies Chickens
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 Title & Authors
Factors Affecting the Inosine Monophosphate Content of Muscles in Taihe Silkies Chickens
Chen, G.H.; Li, H.F.; Wu, X.S.; Li, B.C.; Xie, K.Z.; Dai, G.J.; Chen, K.W.; Zhang, X.Y.; Wang, K.H.;
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In this paper, changes in the concentration of inosine monophosphate (IMP) of muscles in Taihe Silkies chickens from 2 to 28 weeks of age were studied. The results showed that: (1) with increasing age, IMP content of muscles decreased continuously. (2) the relationship between body weight and IMP content of musculus pectoralis major was significantly negative (p<0.01), so was body weight and IMP content of musculus peronaeus, and their coefficients of correlation were -0.45, -0.38 respectively; the relationship between IMP contents of musculus pectoralis major and that of musculus peronaeus was more significantly positive (p<0.01), and its coefficient of correlation was 0.59. (3) by multiple regression analysis, changes of IMP content of muscles depended on the weeks of age and body weight. (4) from 2 to 28 weeks of age, the heritabilities of IMP content of musculus pectoralis major were calculated between 0.33-0.48, and those of musculus peronaeus were calculated between 0.51-0.69.
Taihe Silkies Chickens;Inosine Monophosphate;Relationship;Multiple Regression;Heritability;
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