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Production of Biological Active Single Chain Bovine LH and FSH
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 Title & Authors
Production of Biological Active Single Chain Bovine LH and FSH
Min, K.S.; Kang, M.H.; Yoon, J.T.; Jin, H.J.; Seong, H.H.; Chang, Y.M.; Chung, H.J.; Oh, S.J.; Yun, S.G.; Chang, W.K.;
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Luteinizing hormone as other glycoprotein hormones is characterized by a heterodimeric structure composed a common -subunit noncovalently linked to a specific -subunit. The correct conformation of the heterodimer is important for efficient secretion, hormonal-specific post-translational modifications, receptor binding and signal transduction. To determine whether - and - subunits can be synthesized as a single polypeptide chain (tethered-bLH and -bFSH) and also display biological activities, the tetheredbLH and -bFSH molecules were constructed and transfected into chinese hamster ovary (CHO-K1) cells. LH and FSH activities were assayed by using the human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells expressing rat LH and FSH receptor genes. The tethered-bLH and - bFSH proteins were efficiently secreted and showed a similar activity to the dimeric bovine LH and FSH / wild type and native purified from bovine pituitary. The tethered-molecules can be permit development of potent new analogues that stimulate ovarian development. Taken together, a single-chain analog can also be constructed to include additional hormone-specific bioactive generating potentially efficacious compounds. These data indicate the potentiality of the single chain approach to further investigate structurefunction relationships of LH and FSH.
Tethered-bLH and -FSH;Biological Activity;
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