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Effect of Glucosinolates of Taramira (Eruca Sativa) Oilcake on Nutrient Utilization and Growth of Crossbred Calves
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Effect of Glucosinolates of Taramira (Eruca Sativa) Oilcake on Nutrient Utilization and Growth of Crossbred Calves
Das, Srinibas; Tyagi, Amrish Kumar; Singhal, K.K.;
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Taramira (Eruca sativa) cake, an unconventional oil cake, replaced 25 and 50 per cent crude protein of mustard cake in the ration of crossbred calves in an experiment of 90 days duration. Total glucosinolate content of the three concentrate mixture was almost similar (18.19, 17.95 and dry matter), however, glucouracin was the major glucosinolate of experimental diets. Similar dry matter Intake, nutrient digestibility (except those of fibre fractions) and nitrogen balances as well as similar serum and levels and growth rate in all the groups indicated that taramira cake can replace 50 per cent crude protein of mustard cake in the diet of crossbred calves.
Taramira Oilcake;Glucosinolate;Glucoerucin;Nutrient Utilization;Growth;Crossbred Calves;
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