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Effect of Plant Proteolytic Enzyme on the Physico-chemical Properties and Lipid Profile of Meat from Culled, Desi and Broiler Chicken
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Plant Proteolytic Enzyme on the Physico-chemical Properties and Lipid Profile of Meat from Culled, Desi and Broiler Chicken
Sinku, R.P.; Prasad, R.L.; Pal, A.K.; Jadhao, S.B.;
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Proteolytic enzymes are used for meat tenderization, an important process with regard to consumer preference. The proteolytic enzyme, IVRIN was isolated from the plant Cucumis pubescens W and its effect on physico-chemical properties and lipid profile of thigh and breast muscle of culled, desi and broiler birds was studied. Fifty-gram meat was treated with IVRIN containing 32.5 mg enzyme protein at for 20 min. The pH of IVRIN treated meat was decreased significantly (p<0.01) and the effect was more pronounced in breast than thigh muscle. The water holding capacity (WHC) was increased significantly (p<0.01) in broiler as compared to desi and culled bird, and in breast compared to thigh muscle. IVRIN failed to produce any impact on muscle fiber diameter (MFD). The MFD of desi was significantly higher (p<0.01) than broiler and culled birds. The total lipid concentration in thigh and breast muscle of desi was lower (p<0.01) than broiler and culled birds, latter being similar in this respect. The cholesterol content was lower (p<0.01) in breast than thigh muscle, in broiler than desi and culled and in IVRIN treated than untreated meat samples. The phospholipid concentration was unaffected by IVRIN. Broiler and culled birds exhibited more phospholipid content than desi birds.
Proteolytic Enzyme;Meat;Physico-chemical Properties;Lipid Profile;Desi and Culled Birds;Broilers;
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