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Genetic and Phenotypic Evaluation of Milk and Fat Production Traits and Their Interrelationship in (Zebu×European) Crossbred Cattle Using Parent Group Mixed Model
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 Title & Authors
Genetic and Phenotypic Evaluation of Milk and Fat Production Traits and Their Interrelationship in (Zebu×European) Crossbred Cattle Using Parent Group Mixed Model
Singh, D.; Yadav, A.S.; Dhaka, S.S.;
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Data pertained to 335 crossbred cows comprising of 1/2 Friesian (F) + 1/2 Hariana (H), 1/2 F + 1/4 Jersey (J) + 1/4 H, 1/2 F + 1/4 Brown Swiss (BS) + 1/4 H, 1/2 F + 1/4 Red Dane (R) + 1/4 H, FR (I) and FRH (I) genetic groups extending over a period of 21 years (1970-1990) maintained at Animal Farm of CCS HAU, Hisar. The averages for first lactation milk yield was and peak yield of first three lactation were , and , respectively. The lifetime milk production was observed as in crossbred cattle. The average first lactation fat yield was observed as and peak fat yield of first three lactation were , and , respectively. The lifetime fat production was estimated as . LTMP and LTFP had reasonably good additive genetic variance which could be exploited either through mass selection/combined with family or pedigree selection. FLMY, peak yields and LTMP had significant positive phenotypic correlation with FLFY and LTFP and the correlation at the genetic level were also higher and positive for these traits. Finally, peak week milk yield of first lactation (PMY1) was the earliest available trait having desirable and significant correlation at phenotypic and positive at genetic level with FLFY, PFY1 and PFY2, PFY3 and LTFP and selection for this trait will help in early evaluation of sires and dams and will increase genetic advancement per unit of time.
Milk and Fat Production Traits;Heritability;Phenotypic and Genetic Correlations;ZebuEuropean Crossbreds;
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