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Genetic Polymorphism of Milk Protein and Their Relationships with Milking Traits in Chinese Yak
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 Title & Authors
Genetic Polymorphism of Milk Protein and Their Relationships with Milking Traits in Chinese Yak
Mao, Y.J.; Zhong, G.H.; Zheng, Y.C.; Pen, X.W.; Yang, Z.P.; Wang, Y.; Jiang, M.F.;
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Milk protein polymorphisms were genotyped by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) from 109 Maiwa and 100 Jiulong yaks. The relationships between milk protein polymorphisms and 3 milking traits were studied. The results showed that -CN, -CN and -La were monomorphic, and -CN and -Lg were polymorphic, with -CN D and -Lg E as dominant genes, respectively. The frequencies of -CN D were 0.8073 and 0.6000 in two populations and -Lg E were 0.9770 and 0.9700. The mean heterozygosities were 0.1021 and 0.1867 in the two populations. No significant effects on milking traits and milk protein compositions were observed except for -CN locus on fat percentage in Jiulong yak.
Milk Protein;Genetic Polymorphisms;PAGE;Milking Traits;Yak;
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Polymorphism Identification, RH Mapping and Association of ${\alpha}$-Lactalbumin Gene with Milk Performance Traits in Chinese Holstein,;;;;;;

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