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Effects of Neutral Detergent Fiber Concentration and Particle Size of the Diet on Chewing Activities of Dairy Cows
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Neutral Detergent Fiber Concentration and Particle Size of the Diet on Chewing Activities of Dairy Cows
Moon, Y.H.; Lee, S.C.; Lee, Sung S.;
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Six dry Holstein cows were used to evaluate the effect of dietary neutral detergent fiber (NDF) concentration and particle size (PS) on chewing activity. Treatments were arranged in a 33 factorial design; total mixed rations contained three NDF concentrations (26, 32, 38%) and three PS (1.0, 1.5, 2.0 cm). NDF levels and particle sizes of diets were adjusted by formulating rate and cutting length of alfalfa hay and rice straw. Cows were fed twice daily at 90% of ad libitum feed intake throughout the experiment. Chewing activity was positively associated with NDF concentration, but not significantly affected by PS of diet. Eating time per unit of NDF intake was affected by PS rather than NDF concentration of diet. Time spent ruminating per unit DM or NDF intake increased with increasing NDF concentration of diet, but was not affected by PS. As the PS of diet increased, the eating time per day increased, but the rumination time decreased. In addition, as the number of rumination bolues decreased the rumination duration increased as well as the chews per bolus. The regression equation induced from relationships of NDF concentrations (NDF, %) and particle sizes (PS, cm) of diet on roughage value index (RVI, min of chewing time/kg DMI) was as follows. RVI=-19.672+1.44NDF+5.196PS, (=0.81).
Chewing Activity;NDF;Particle Size;Roughage Index Value;Dairy Cow;
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