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Rapid Screening of Salmonella spp. Using PBM BioSignTM Salmonella Test and Evaluation of the PBMS Test
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 Title & Authors
Rapid Screening of Salmonella spp. Using PBM BioSignTM Salmonella Test and Evaluation of the PBMS Test
Lim, J.Y.; Kwon, N.H.; Kim, J.M.; Jung, W.K.; Park, K.T.; Hong, S.K.; Park, Y.H.;
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The PBM Salmonella (PBMS) test kit based on an mmunochromatographic method was evaluated for the screening of Salmonella spp. in pure cultures, and 80, 15, and 10 artificially and naturally contaminated, and negative controlled food samples, respectively. The PBMS test involves presumptive qualitative procedures, detecting the presence of Salmonella spp. in foods within 26 h total testing period and allowing the user to release negative products 70 h earlier than the conventional methods. The PBMS test using Buffered Peptone Water and Rappaport-Vassiliadis broth was evaluated for 10 different food types for various Salmonella spp. It showed detection limits of 1 to 25 colony forming units (CFU)/25 g. No cross-reaction was observed, particularly to other gramnegative bacteria. These results indicate the PBMS test is a rapid and inexpensive procedure for the screening of Salmonella spp. present at low concentrations (1 to 25 CFU/25 g) in foods.
PBMSalmonella(PBMS)Test;Screening of Salmonella spp;
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