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Germ-line Transmission of Pseudotyped Retroviral Vector in Chicken
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 Title & Authors
Germ-line Transmission of Pseudotyped Retroviral Vector in Chicken
Heo, Y.T.; Kim, T.; Lee, Y.M.; Lee, C.K.; Kwon, M.S.; Koo, B.C.; Roh, K.S.; Whang, K.; Han, D.W.; Chung, K.S.; Lee, H.T.;
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Using MLV (murine leukemia virus)-based retrovirus vectors encapsidated with VSV-G (vesicular stomatitis virus G glycoprotein), we tried to make transgenic chickens carrying the transferred genes in their chromosomes. Twenty one days after virus injection beneath the blastoderms of unincubated chicken embryos (stage Ⅹ, at laying), DNA isolated from the hatched chicks were analyzed by PCR with two sets of primers specific for EGFP (enhanced green fluorescence protein) gene or (E. coli neomycin resistant) gene. Among sixty-seven embryos injected with retrovirus, four of them were identified to carry the EGFP genes in their genomes. Remarkably, one transgenic chick showed presence of the retrovirus vector sequences in all organs differentiated from one of endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. Expression of EGFP gene was not detected, however, the stable germ line transmission of transgene was verified in spermatozoa from the founder chicken and 50% of progenies.
Retroviral Vector;Transgenic Chicken;Embryos;Germ Line Transmission;
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Avian Somitic Cell Chimeras Using Surrogate Eggshell Technology,;;;

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