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Genetic Relationship between Ultrasonic and Carcass Measurements for Meat Qualities in Korean Steers
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 Title & Authors
Genetic Relationship between Ultrasonic and Carcass Measurements for Meat Qualities in Korean Steers
Lee, D.H.; Kim, H.C.;
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Real time ultrasonic measurements for 13th rib fat thickness (LBF), longissimus muscle area (LEMA) and marbling score (LMS) of live animal at pre-harvest and subsequent carcass measurements for fat thickness (BF), longissimus muscle area (EMA), marbling score (MS) as well as body weight of live animal, carcass weight (CW), dressing percentage (DP), and total merit index (TMI) on 755 Korean beef steers were analyzed to estimate genetic parameters. Data were analyzed using multivariate animal models with an EM-REML algorithm. Models included fixed effects for year-season of birth, location of birth, test station, age of dam, linear and quadratic covariates for age or body weight at slaughter and random animal and residual effects. The heritability estimates for LEMA, LBF and LMS on RTU scans were 0.17, 0.41 and 0.55 in the age-adjusted model (Model 1) and 0.20, 0.52 and 0.55 in the weight-adjusted model (Model 2), respectively. The Heritability estimates for subsequent traits on carcass measures were 0.20, 0.38 and 0.54 in Model 1 and 0.23, 0.46 and 0.55 in Model 2, respectively. Genetic correlation estimate between LEMA and EMA was 0.81 and 0.79 in Model 1 and Model 2, respectively. Genetic correlation estimate between LBF and BF were high as 0.97 in Model 1 and 0.98 in Model 2. Real time ultrasonic marbling score were highly genetically correlated to carcass MS of 0.89 in Model 1 and 0.92 in Model 2. These results indicate that RTU scans would be alterative to carcass measurement for genetic evaluation of meat quality in a designed progeny-testing program in Korean beef cattle.
Real-time Ultrasound;Korean Beef Cattle;Carcass;Genetic Parameters;
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