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Effects of Milk Production, Season, Parity and Lactation Period on Variations of Milk Urea Nitrogen Concentration and Milk Components of Holstein Dairy Cows
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Effects of Milk Production, Season, Parity and Lactation Period on Variations of Milk Urea Nitrogen Concentration and Milk Components of Holstein Dairy Cows
Yoon, J.T.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, C.K.; Chung, Y.C.; Kim, C.-H.;
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The study was conducted to assess the effect of milk production, parity, stage of lactation, season and individual milk components themselves on milk urea nitrogen (MUN) concentration and other milk components of 3,219 Holstein dairy cows in Korean dairy farms. The MUN concentrations in Korean dairy cows were estimated to 16.685.87 mg/dl. Milk yield was negatively correlated with fat and protein contents and somatic cell counts (SCC) in milk (p<0.01). The increasing MUN concentration has positive correlation with yield and fat content. By increasing somatic cell, milk yield was reduced and MUN level was increased. Cows in spring and winter produced more milk over 1.43 and 0.93 kg/day, respectively, than cows in summer (p<0.01). Milk urea nitrogen concentrations of milk produced in summer and fall were significantly lower (p<0.01) than those in spring and winter. Both MUN concentration and somatic cell counts were highest in winter. Milk yield was lower (p<0.01) in the first calving than other calving time and was tended to increase until the fifth parity and then decrease. Milk urea nitrogen and SCC were not related to parity of cows in this study. Milk yield and SCC were positively related to lactation period while MUN concentrations and milk fat and protein contents were negatively influenced by stage of lactation. In the present study, the relationship between MUN and reproduction of dairy cows was also investigated. Cow produced milk in high MUN concentrations (greater than 18 mg/dl) had more open days than cows in MUN concentrations less than 18 mg/dl. However, no significant difference between MUN concentration levels and frequency of artificial insemination was found in this study. It is suggested that although MUN values for nutritional management and measures of production or reproduction are used, non-nutritional factors should be considered.
Milk Urea Nitrogen;Milk Production;Non-nutritional Factors;Dairy Cows;
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허브부식토의 사료내 첨가에 따른 In Vitro 발효특성과 젖소의 유생산성에 미치는 영향,김현섭;박중국;김홍윤;김상범;양승학;김창현;안종호;

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