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Quality and Fertility of Post Thaw Sephadex Filtered Bull Semen
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 Title & Authors
Quality and Fertility of Post Thaw Sephadex Filtered Bull Semen
Kumar, A.; Singh, J.; Nanda, A.S.; Pangaonkar, G.R.;
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The present investigation was carried out to assess the effect of Sephadex (G-15) filtration on the post thaw bull semen quality and conception rate. Post thaw unfiltered (control) and Sephadex filtered semen from four healthy bulls (three cross bred and one pure bred Holstein Friesian) were subjected to microscopic examination viz. sperm concentration, individual motility, live sperm count and sperm morphology. Sixty-two healthy, normal cycling crossbred cows were inseminated with post thaw unfiltered (n=32) and filtered semen (n=30). Sephadex filtration of post thaw semen significantly (p<0.05) decreased total sperm concentration and sperm with abnormal head, mid piece and tail. The overall average total sperm concentration, head and tail defects in filtered semen decreased significantly (53.4, 1.2 and 6.4 million) than in the unfiltered semen (80.4, 2.4 and 15.7 million, respectively). However, after filtration significant (p<0.05) increase in overall average motile and live sperm concentration were observed (38.8 and 38.0) as compared to unfiltered semen (29.2 and 32.0 million, respectively). The overall conception rate recorded was 21.9% with post thaw unfiltered semen and 56.7% with filtered semen. It was concluded that Sephadex filtration of post thaw semen improved its quality and conception rate.
Bull Semen;Sephadex Filtration;Fertility;
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