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Accuracy of Ultrasonography in Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in Doe
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Accuracy of Ultrasonography in Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in Doe
Singh, N.S.; Gawande, P.G.; Mishra, O.P.; Nema, R.K.; Mishra, U.K.; Singh, Mohan;
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The present study was undertaken to evaluate the accuracy of ultrasonography in early pregnancy diagnosis in goats. Ultrasonographic scanning with real time B-mode ultrasound machine having 5 MHz linear array transducer was performed on gravid uterus (n=24) obtained from slaughterhouse (Group I). Crown rump length (CRL) measured by ultrasound was found significantly different (p<0.05) with actual CRL measured after dissection in early pregnancy. However, age predicted by ultrasound through the measurement of CRL was found highly correlated (r=0.92) with age measured after dissection through CRL and the weight of fetus. Ages predicted by ultrasound through the measurement of trunk diameter (TD) and uterine diameter (UD) and ages measured after dissection were found highly and equally correlated (r=0.98) and did not differ significantly. Data from six does synchronized (Group II) with PGF2 (Estrumate) at 11 days apart were collected through ultrasound from 17 to 42 days post breding. The correlation between CRL and gestational age was high (r=0.97) in day 30 to 42 post breeding. A high coefficient of correlation (r=0.98) was also observed between predicated age by ultrasound and actual age calculated after kidding. The correlation between CRL and gestational age by the formula Y=(a+bX) i.e. Y=24.42+0.39 X where Y=gestational age and X=CRL, was recorded very high (r=0.99). Accuracy of ultrasonography was lowest on day 17 to 19 (66%) and reached 100% on day 34. Data from 30 does (group III) randomly subjected to only one time ultrasounds scanning to assess the accuracy of pregnancy diagnosis were also obtained. Ages predicted by TD and UD measurements were observed to be non-significantly different with actual age obtained after kidding and correlation between ages predicted by TD and UD measurement with actual age after kidding was found equally and highly correlated (r=0.98). The operator's accuracy in the whole experiment including all three groups was found to be 92%. The sensitivity was 93% and specificity was 86%. From the present study, it was observed that CRL was the most reliable parameter to find out gestational age in early pregnancy and the new formula derived was found very accurate to find out gestational age. TD and UD were also found to be equally reliable parameter to find out gestational age in mid and late stage of pregnancy through ultrasonography. It was concluded that ultrasonography by real time B mode with 5 MHz transrectal transducer was found to be reliable, safe and accurate and practicable means in diagnosing early pregnancy diagnosis as early as 25 days post breeding.
Crown Rump Length;Doe;Early Pregnancy;Trunk Diameter;Uterine Diameter and Ultrasonography;
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Predicting Parturition Time through Ultrasonic Measurement of Posture Changing Rate in Crated Landrace Sows,;;;;

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