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Responses of Holstein Cows to Different Bovine Somatotropin (bST) Treatments during the Transition Period and Early Lactation
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Responses of Holstein Cows to Different Bovine Somatotropin (bST) Treatments during the Transition Period and Early Lactation
Gulay, M.S.; Garcia, A.N.; Hayen, M.J.; Wilcox, C.J.; Head, H.H.;
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Major objective was to evaluate three doses of bST (POSILAC(R)) injected into Holstein cows during the transition period and through 56 d of lactation for potential to improve DMI, BCS, BW, metabolites, hormones, IGF-I and milk production. Biweekly injections of bST (0, 5.1, 10.2, or 15.3 mg bST/d) began 28 d before expected parturition and continued through 56 d postpartum. Twenty-three of the 25 multiparous Holstein cows assigned randomly to four groups completed experiment (7, 5, 6 and 5 cows/group, respectively). The DMI, BW and BCS were recorded weekly throughout the prepartum and postpartum periods and blood samples were collected thrice weekly for analyses of ST, insulin, , , IGF-I, glucose and NEFA. Milk yields were recorded daily through 60 d postpartum and milk components measured once weekly. Mathematical model for data analyses for prepartum and postpartum periods included treatment, calving month, and the two-factor interaction. Cows injected with 10.2 and 15.3 mg bST prepartum had greater mean prepartum concentrations of ST and IGF-I. Prepartum injections of bST did not affect prepartum BW or BCS. On average, cows injected postpartum better maintained their BCS during first 60 d of lactation (3.150.06, 3.120.007, 3.200.006 and 3.580.009). Treatments did not affect mean prepartum DMI but cows injected with 15.3 mg bST/d had greatest DMI and greatest mean daily MY during the first 3 wk and tended to be greater during first 60 d of lactation. Cows injected with two highest bST doses (10.1 and 15.2 mg/d) had greater mean postpartum concentrations of ST and , but IGF-I, , glucose and NEFA did not differ across groups. No adverse effects of bST treatment were observed.
Holstein Cows;Milk Production;bST Doses;DMI;Transition Period;Hormones;
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