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Influence of an Anaerobic Fungal Culture (Orpinomyces sp.) Administration on Growth Rate, Ruminal Fermentation and Nutrient Digestion in Calves
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 Title & Authors
Influence of an Anaerobic Fungal Culture (Orpinomyces sp.) Administration on Growth Rate, Ruminal Fermentation and Nutrient Digestion in Calves
Dey, Avijit; Sehgal, Jatinder Paul; Puniya, Anil Kumar; Singh, Kishan;
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The study was to see the effect of administration of ruminal fungi on feed intake, growth rate, rumen fermentation and nutrient digestion of calves (TharparkarHolstein-Friesian, average age: 10 months, average body weight: 130 kg). The 6 calves in first group were fed a mixture consisted of 50% wheat straw and 50% concentrate (Maize 62%, Groundnut cake 35%, Mineral mix. 2% and Common salt 1%) along with 1 kg green oats while second group calves were fed the above-mentioned diet in addition to a dose of 160 ml ( CFU/ml) fungal culture . The average dry matter intake per day was slightly lowered in fungal fed calves yet feed conversion ratio was higher. The average daily weight gain was significantly higher (15.37%) in fungal administered group as compared to control. The nutrient digestibility was increased for crude fibre, NDF and ADF with fungal administration. Digestible energy value of straw-based diet in terms of percent TDN also increased. The pH and -N were lower whereas TVFA, total-N, TCA-N and number of zoospores were higher in rumen liquor in fungal administered group.
Anaerobic Ruminal Fungi;Orpinomyces sp.;Growth Rate;Nutrient Digestion;
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