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Sex-linked Dwarf Gene for Broiler Production in Hot-humid Climates
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Sex-linked Dwarf Gene for Broiler Production in Hot-humid Climates
Islam, M.A.;
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This review has been done to examine sex-linked dwarf gene in broiler production in hot-humid climates. Introduction of sex-linked dwarf gene especially in hot harsh tropical environments brings a great advantage for broiler production. The heavy broiler parent suffers due to the stress of these adverse climates. Sex-linked dwarf genes reduce body weight, egg weight, but are superior for adaptability under harsh tropical environments, with a lower requirement for housing and feed, better survivability and reproductive fitness giving fewer defective eggs, more hatching eggs, better fertility, hatchability, feed conversion efficiency and resistance to disease. Overall the cost of chick production from dwarf hens is lower than from their normal siblings. Market weights of broilers from sexlinked dwarf dams is almost similar to those of broilers from normal dams with normal sires. But the net benefit of broiler production from sex-linked dwarf dams is found to be greater than that of broilers from normal dams. This will be the most important to the rural communities in Bangladesh and in other countries where the similar environment and socio-economic conditions exist. Therefore, sexlinked dwarf hens might be used in broiler breeding plan as well as broiler production in the tropics.
Sex-linked Dwarf Gene;Adaptation;Reproductive Fitness;Chick Cost;Broiler;Growth;Profitability;
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