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Effect of Cellular Zinc on the Regulation of C2-ceramide Induced Apoptosis in Mammary Epithelial and Macrophage Cell Lines
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Effect of Cellular Zinc on the Regulation of C2-ceramide Induced Apoptosis in Mammary Epithelial and Macrophage Cell Lines
Han, S.E.; Lee, H.G.; Yun, C.H.; Hong, Z.S.; Kim, S.H.; Kang, S.K.; Kim, S.H.; Cho, J.S.; Ha, S.H.; Choi, YunJaie;
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Zinc is a trace element that is associated with a stimulation of immune function and regulation of ion balance for livestock production. In this study, the effect of zinc as inhibitor to apoptosis-induced cells was examined in vitro using mammary epithelial cell line, HC11 and macrophage cell line, NCTC3749. Cell viability, measured by MTT assay, indicated that 10 g/ml of zinc had a negative impact on cellular activity and 50 ng/ml was chosen for further testing. Apoptosis was induced in cells treated with C2-ceramide in serum-free media. DNA fragmentation and gene expression of acidic sphingomyelinase (a gene responsible for the progress of apoptosis) were distinctively low in zinc treated cells compared with those in non-treated controls. In conclusion, zinc is involved in the regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis in mammary epithelial cells and macrophages.
Zinc;Cell Viability;Apoptosis;Immunity System;
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