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Effects of Alpha-galactosidase Supplementation to Corn-soybean Meal Diets on Nutrient Utilization, Performance, Serum Indices and Organ Weight in Broilers
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Alpha-galactosidase Supplementation to Corn-soybean Meal Diets on Nutrient Utilization, Performance, Serum Indices and Organ Weight in Broilers
Wang, C.L.; Lu, W.Q.; Li, Defa; Xing, J.J.;
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Effects of alpha-galactosidase (GAL) on broiler corn-soybean meal diet was investigated. In experiment 1, sixty cockerels were allocated to five groups, including three enzyme treatments (GAL added at 0, 500, and 1,000 mg/kg diet), a nitrogen-free diet group and a fast group. The true nitrogen-corrected ME (TME) and true amino acid availability were determined. In experiment 2, 324 day-old chicks were used in a 23 factorial design consisting of two energy contents (high and low) and three GAL levels (0, 250, and 500 mg/kg). Three feeding phases, comprising 0-21 d, 22-35 d and 36-48 d, were involved. GAL addition improved TME and the availability of methionine and cystine (p<0.05). The apparent ME (AME) or nitrogen-corrected AME (AME) and digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, calcium, and phosphorus were improved significantly on d 21, so was crude protein and an interaction of energy and GAL on AME (p<0.05) was found on d 35. However, daily intake and daily gain were significantly improved with GAL addition (p<0.05) during 21 d. The small intestine relative weight decreased at 250 mg/kg GAL (p<0.05) on d 35, whereas presented an interaction between GAL and energy on d 21 (p<0.05). Likewise, this treatment increased breast muscle ratio (p<0.05). On d 21, triglycerides level of broilers showed interaction between energy and enzyme levels (p<0.05). Uric acid level in 500 mg/kg GAL declined linearly (p<0.05). On d 35, quadratic effects (p<0.05) were observed in total protein, albumin, globulin and cholesterol content for enzyme supplementation. And the interactive effects of energy and GAL on serum values showed more obviously. The study implies that GAL improved energy and nutrient availability of corn-soybean meal diet in broiler. The GAL supplementation to corn-soybean meal based diet can improve performance of broilers in early stages of growth.
Alpha-galactosidase;Broilers;Digestibility;Metabolizable Energy;Performance;Soybean Meal;
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