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Cholesterol Removal from Homogenized Milk with Crosslinked β-cyclodextrin by Adipic Acid
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 Title & Authors
Cholesterol Removal from Homogenized Milk with Crosslinked β-cyclodextrin by Adipic Acid
Han, Eun-Mi; Kim, Song-Hee; Ahn, Joungjwa; Kwak, Hae-Soo;
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The present study was carried out to develop crosslinking of -cyclodextrin (-CD) using adipic acid, and to determine the optimum conditions of different factors (-CD concentration, mixing temperature, mixing time and mixing speed) on cholesterol reduction from homogenized milk. Crosslinked -CD was prepared with adipic acid. When the milk was treated with different conditions, the cholesterol removal rate was in the range of 92.1 to 93.1% with 1% -CD addition, which were not significantly different among treatments. After cholesterol removal from milk, the used crosslinked -CD was washed for cholesterol dissociation and reused. For recycling study, the cholesterol removal rate in the first trial was 92.5%, which was mostly same as that using new crosslinked -CD. With repeated ten time trials using same sample, 81.4% of cholesterol was removed from milk. Therefore, the present study indicated that the optimum conditions for cholesterol removal using crosslinked -CD were 1% -CD addition and 10 min mixing with 400 rpm speed at 5 with over 90% cholesterol removal. In addition, crosslinked -CD made by adipic acid resulted in the effective recycling efficiency.
Crosslinked -CD;Cholesterol Removal;Homogenized Milk;Recycling;
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