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Effect of Sauropus Androgynus (Katuk) Extract on Egg Production and Lipid Metabolism in Layers
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Sauropus Androgynus (Katuk) Extract on Egg Production and Lipid Metabolism in Layers
Santoso, U.; Setianto, J.; Suteky, T.;
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The present study was conducted to evaluate effect of Sauropus androgynus extract (SAE) on egg production and lipid metabolism in layer chickens. Forty-eight layers aged 42 weeks (strain RIR) were distributed to 6 treatment groups as follows. One group was fed diet without SAE as the control (), and other five groups were fed diet plus hot water-extracted SAE at level of 9 g/kg diet (), diet plus ethanol extracted SAE at level of 0.9 g/kg diet (), diet plus ethanol extracted SAE at level of 1.8 g/kg (), diet plus methanol extracted SAE at level of 0.9 g/kg (), and diet plus methanol extracted SAE at level of 1.8 g/kg (). It was shown that SAE inclusion significantly increased egg production (p<0.05). Methanol-extracted SAE groups had lower egg production than ethanol-extracted SAE group (p<0.05). SAE supplemented groups had better feed conversion efficiency than the unsupplemented group (p<0.05). It was shown that ethanol extracted SAE resulted in the lowest feed conversion efficiency among the SAE supplemented groups (p<0.05). SAE supplementation significantly reduced abdominal fat, gizzard surrounded fat, liver fat (p<0.05), serum triglyceride, total cholesterol, VLDL+LDL-c (p<0.01), atherogenic index (p<0.05), egg cholesterol and triglyceride (p<0.05), but it had no effect on mesenteric fat, sartorial fat and fatty liver score. In conclusion, SAE supplementation could increase egg production but reduced egg cholesterol.
Egg Production;Sauropus androgynus;Cholesterol;Atherogenic Index;
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