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Estrous Response and Fertility in Postpartum Suckled Female Yaks (Bos grunniens) Treated with an Intravaginal Device Containing Progesterone(CIDR), Pregnant Mares' Serum Gonadotrophin and Prostaglandin Analogue
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Estrous Response and Fertility in Postpartum Suckled Female Yaks (Bos grunniens) Treated with an Intravaginal Device Containing Progesterone(CIDR), Pregnant Mares' Serum Gonadotrophin and Prostaglandin Analogue
Zi, X.D.; Chang, S.; Lu, H.; Wang, X.;
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The efficiency of a short-term treatment with an intravaginal device containing progesterone (CIDR) combined with pregnant mares' serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) and prostaglandin analogue () was evaluated for the induction of estrus, initiation of cyclic activity, and fertility in postpartum suckled yak cows. Seventy-five postpartum suckled yak cows were assigned to three treatments: (1) insertion of a CIDR intravaginal progesterone (1.9 g) (day 0), an administration of (0.2 mg i.m.) on day 6 and PMSG (1,000 IU i.m.) at the time of CIDR withdrawal on day 7 (CPP group, n=28); (2) an administration of (0.2 mg i.m.) on day 6 and PMSG (1,000 IU i.m.) on day 7 (PP group, n=21); (3) untreated animals served as the control (CG group, n=26). Seven yak bulls were placed in pastures with the cows for natural mating. Estrus rate in the CPP group (28/28) was higher (p<0.01) than in the PP group (6/21) and in the CG group (0/26) within 96 h after the end of treatment. The first service conception rate in the CPP group (21/28) was higher (p<0.01) compared with in the PP group (2/9) as judged by serum concentration 2.35 ng/ml on day 21 after breeding. It is concluded that a short-term progesterone treatment combined with PMSG and prostaglandin increased the proportion of yak cows that exhibited behavioral estrus with more synchronized estrus response and satisfactory conception rate in postpartum suckled yak cows.
Yak;CIDR;Prostaglandin;Estrus Induction;Pregnancy;
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Effects of Bovine Somatotropin (bST) Administration Combined with Controlled Internal Drug Release (CIDR) on Embryo Quality and Pregnancy of Hanwoo (Korean Native Beef Cattle) during Commercial Embryo Transfer Program,;;;

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