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Effects of Modified Montmorillonite Nanocomposite on Growing/Finishing Pigs during Aflatoxicosis
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Modified Montmorillonite Nanocomposite on Growing/Finishing Pigs during Aflatoxicosis
Shi, Y.H.; Xu, Z.R.; Feng, J.L.; Xia, M.S.; Hu, C.H.;
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Experiments were conducted to determine the efficacy of modified montmorillonite nanocomposite (MMN) to reduce the toxic effects of aflatoxin (AF) in growing/finishing pigs. 96 weaned pigs were assigned to four dietary treatment groups (0 g of MMN and 0 mg of AF/kg feed, 3 g of MMN/kg feed, 0.1 mg of AF/kg feed, and 3 g of MMN plus 0.1 mg of AF/kg feed). Body weight gain (BW gain), feed/gain ratio, serum biochemical values and enzyme activities were evaluated. Compared with the control, AF alone markedly reduced BW gain and resulted in a significantly higher feed/gain ratio. There were no differences in BW gain and feed/gain ratio between 0.3% MMN or 0.3% MMN plus AF and the control. These results suggested that the deleterious effects of AF were ameliorated by MMN addition. AF intake markedly increased relative organ weights of liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas, and resulted in significant alterations of serum parameters. However, these parameters for pigs fed diets containing MMN and AF returned to normal values, indicating that MMN had the ability to recover the AF-decreased performance, organ damage and to correct aberrations in serum parameters. These findings in our study suggested that MMN can effectively modulate the toxicity of AF in growing/finishing pigs and may offer a novel approach to the preventive management of aflatoxicosis in animals.
Aflatoxin;Modified Montmorillonite Nanocomposite (MMN);Detoxification;Pigs;
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