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Mitochondrial DNA Variation and Genetic Relationships in Japanese and Korean Cattle
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 Title & Authors
Mitochondrial DNA Variation and Genetic Relationships in Japanese and Korean Cattle
Sasazaki, S.; Odahara, S.; Hiura, C.; Mukai, F.; Mannen, H.;
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The complete mtDNA D-loop regions of Japanese and Korean cattle were analyzed for their mtDNA variations and genetic relationships. Sequencing the 30 Higo substrain and 30 Tosa substrain of Japanese Brown, respectively 12 and 17 distinct Bos haplotypes were identified from 77 polymorphic nucleotide sites. In order to focus on the relationships among Japanese and Korean cattle, two types of phylogenetic tree were constructed using individual sequences; first, a neighbor-joining tree with all sequences and second, reduced median networks within each Japanese and Korean cattle group. The trees revealed that two major mtDNA haplotype groups, T3 and T4, were represented in Japanese and Korean cattle. The T4 haplogroup predominated in Japanese Black and Japanese Brown cattle (frequency of 43.3-66.7%), while the T3 haplogroup was predominant (83.3%) and T4 was represented only twice in the Korean cattle. The results suggested that the mitochondrial origins of Japanese Brown were Japanese ancient cattle as well as Japanese Black in despite of the considerable introgression of Korean and European cattle into Japanese Brown.
mtDNA;Cattle;Japanese Black;Japanese Brown;Korean Cattle Phylogenetic Tree;
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