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Study on Milkability Traits in Holstein Cows
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 Title & Authors
Study on Milkability Traits in Holstein Cows
Lee, D.H.; Choudhary, V.;
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The present investigation was undertaken to study the milkability characteristics of Holstein cows. Out of 6,660 initial records 4,607 records were finally included in the analysis after deleting some records with an abnormal range of values for the traits considered. These 4,607 Holstein cows belonged to a total of 122 herds located in a province in Korea. The 'LactoCorder' instrument was used to electronically record the milkability traits at the milking parlor. A total of 19 traits were studied which were broadly classified into milk yield, milking speed, milking time and the electrical conductivity related traits. The SAS 9.1 statistical software was used to carry out analyses. The average maximum milk flow per minute was 3.21 kg/min, while the average milking speed during the main milking process (DMHG) had a mean value of 2.30 kg/min. The total milk yield was 14.14 kg, 62% of which was milked during the first three minutes of the milking. The average total milking time was 8.23 min. Among the three phases of the main milking process, the time of stable milk flow had the longest time (2.97 min) followed by the time at the decline phase (2.62 min). The average time taken to reach the plateau phase was 1.08 min, which can still be reduced further through improved managemental practices. Among milk yield traits, milk yield during the first two (MG2) and three (MG3) minutes of milking had high positive correlation with milking speed traits and negative correlations with almost all the milking time traits except time of incline in milk flow from 0.5 kg/min till the attainment of the plateau phase (tAN). Milking speed traits had negative correlations with total milking time, time at main milking process, time at plateau and with the time at decline. Since there was medium to high negative correlation between the milking speed and the time at plateau, there is a need for selection of cows which have intermediate milking speed so that it could require less milking time and also the optimum (higher and longer) plateau time. Proper pre-stimulation and avoiding over milking will help in further reducing the milking time and thus will add to the net profit of the farmer.
Milkability;Holstein Cow;Correlation;Milking Time;Milking Speed;
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