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Effect of Rumen-protected Choline Addition on Milk Performance and Blood Metabolic Parameters in Transition Dairy Cows
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Rumen-protected Choline Addition on Milk Performance and Blood Metabolic Parameters in Transition Dairy Cows
Xu, Guozhong; Ye, Jun'An; Liu, Jianxin; Yu, Yueying;
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This work was conducted to study the effect of rumen-protected choline (RPC) addition on milk performance and blood metabolic parameters in transition dairy cows. In Experiment 1, fourteen Chinese Holstein dairy cows were supplemented with 0 or 20 g/d of RPC from 7 d before expected calving to 21 d post partum. Feeding of RPC tended to increase milk yield and milk protein percentage, while milk fat and lactose percentage were not changed. Plasma concentrations of glucose tended to increase as cows consumed RPC, while plasma concentrations of triglycerides, very low density lipoproteins, cholesterol and nonesterified fatty acids were not significantly different between the two groups. In Experiment 2, thirty-six Chinese Holstein dairy cows were supplemented with 0, 30, 60 or 90 g/d RPC from 15 d before expected calving to 15 d post partum. Feeding of RPC tended to increase yield of milk and 4% fat-corrected milk for all the lactating cows, and milk composition was similar among the four groups. Plasma concentrations of glucose were remained at a higher level in 30 or 60 g/d RPC-supplemented groups, and nonesterified fatty acids were decreased in the 30 g/d group. Concentrations of triglycerides tended to reduce in 30 and 90 g/d RPC-supplemented animals, and cholesterol was reduced in 0 or 30 g/d group. These results suggest that RPC addition tended to increase milk yield and improve blood metabolic parameters during transition dairy cows, and feeding 30 g/d of RPC may be the optimal.
Chinese Holstein Dairy Cows;Rumen-Protected Choline;Milk Performance;Blood Metabolic Parameters;
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