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Effects of Non-protein Energy Intake on the Concentrations of Plasma Metabolites and Insulin, and Tissue Responsiveness and Sensitivity to Insulin in Goats
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Non-protein Energy Intake on the Concentrations of Plasma Metabolites and Insulin, and Tissue Responsiveness and Sensitivity to Insulin in Goats
Fujita, Tadahisa; Kajita, Masahiro; Sano, Hiroaki; Shiga, Akio;
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A glucose clamp technique was used to investigate the effects of non-protein energy intake on tissue responsiveness and sensitivity to insulin for glucose metabolism in intact adults male goats. Three goats were fed diets at 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 times of ME for maintenance, each for 21 d. Crude protein intake was 1.5 times of maintenance requirement in each treatment. Tissue responsiveness and sensitivity to insulin were evaluated using a hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp technique with four levels of insulin infusion, beginning at 13 h after feeding. Concentrations of plasma metabolites and insulin were also measured at 3, 6 and 13 h after feeding, for evaluating effects of non-protein energy intake on the metabolic status of the animals. Increasing non-protein energy intake prevented an increase in plasma NEFA concentration at 13 h after feeding (p = 0.03). Plasma urea-nitrogen and total amino-nitrogen concentrations decreased (p<0.01) and increased (p = 0.03), respectively, with increasing non-protein energy intake across time relating to feeding. Plasma insulin concentration was unaffected (p = 0.43) by non-protein energy intake regardless of time relating to feeding. In the glucose clamp experiment, increasing non-protein energy intake decreased numerically (p = 0.12) the plasma insulin concentration at half-maximal glucose infusion rate (insulin sensitivity), but did not affect (p = 0.60) maximal glucose infusion rate (tissue responsiveness to insulin). The present results suggest that an increase in non-protein energy intake may enhance insulin sensitivity for glucose metabolism, unlike responsiveness to insulin, in adult male goats. The possible enhancement in insulin sensitivity may play a role in establishing anabolic status in the body, when excess energy is supplied to the body.
Energy Intake;Insulin Sensitivity;Insulin Action;Glucose Clamp;Feeding;Goat;
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