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The Effect of Source of Dietary Fiber and Starch on Ileal and Fecal Amino Acid Digestibility in Growing Pigs
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of Source of Dietary Fiber and Starch on Ileal and Fecal Amino Acid Digestibility in Growing Pigs
Wang, J.F.; Wang, M.; Lin, D.G.; Jensen, B.B.; Zhu, Yaohong;
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Studies were carried out with a repeated Latin square design with eight cannulated pigs fed four experimental diets to investigate the effect of dietary fiber and starch sources on apparent ileal and fecal amino acid digestibility. Each period lasted 15 d, with diet acclimation from d 1 to 7, feces collection for 48 h on d 8 to 9 and ileal sample collection for 12 h on d 13 to 15. The four experimental diets consisted mainly of cooked rice with the addition of protein sources (CON), partial replacement of cooked rice with either potato starch (PS), sugar beet pulp (SBP) or wheat bran (WB). Chromic oxide was used as an indigestible marker. With the exception of histidine, lysine and tryptophan, no differences were observed in the apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids between diets. The inclusion of potato starch did not affect the ileal and fecal amino acid digestibility. In comparison with diet CON, a decreased (p<0.05) ileal digestibility of histidine was found in pigs fed diet SBP, while the ileal digestibilities of histidine, lysine and tryptophan were decreased (p<0.05) by the inclusion of wheat bran. Inclusion of fiber sources (sugar beet pulp and wheat bran) caused a reduction (p<0.05) in the fecal amino acid digestibility and the net disappearance of amino acids in the large intestine. Of the indispensable amino acids, there was a 'net synthesis' for methionine in the large intestine of pigs when diets were supplemented with dietary fiber. The decrease in fecal amino acid digestibility with the addition of dietary fiber indicates an increase in the synthesis of bacterial protein in the large intestine.
Amino Acid;Digestibility;Cooked Rice;Fiber;Pigs;Potato Starch;
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