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Genetic Diversity of Magra Sheep from India Using Microsatellite Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Genetic Diversity of Magra Sheep from India Using Microsatellite Analysis
Arora, R.; Bhatia, S.;
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Genetic diversity of Magra - a lustrous carpet wool breed of India, was investigated by means of 25 ovine microsatellite markers proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Society for Animal Genetics (FAO-ISAG). All used microsatellites amplified well and exhibited polymorphisms. A wide range of genetic variability was observed as allele number from 3 (BM6506, OarCP20) to 10 (CSSM31), observed heterozygosity from 0.200 (BM6506) to 0.947 (OarHH35), expected heterozygosity from 0.368 (CSSM47) to 0.864 (BM1314) and Polymorphism Information Content (PIC) from 0.347 (CSSM47) to 0.849 (BM1314). This supported the utility of these microsatellite loci in the measurement of genetic diversity indices in Indian sheep too. Various average genetic variability measures viz., allele diversity (5.7), observed heterozygosity (0.597), expected heterozygosity (0.694) and mean PIC (0.648) values showed high genetic variability despite accumulated inbreeding as reflected by the high average inbreeding coefficient () due to the unequal sex ratio of the breeding animals.
Magra;Indian Indigenous Sheep;Microsatellite;Genetic Diversity;
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