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A Y-linked SNP in SRY Gene Differentiates Chinese Indigenous Swamp Buffalo and Introduced River Buffalo
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 Title & Authors
A Y-linked SNP in SRY Gene Differentiates Chinese Indigenous Swamp Buffalo and Introduced River Buffalo
Zhang, Yi; Sun, Dongxiao; Yu, Ying; Zhang, Yuan;
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The complete coding region sequence of the SRY gene in Chinese swamp buffalo was determined by PCR product sequencing. Comparison of swamp and river buffalo SRY gene sequences revealed a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP, C/G) at the 202 bp site of the coding region. Further, a total of 124 male domestic buffaloes were genotyped at this SNP site using the PCR-SSCP method, and it was found that all Chinese indigenous swamp buffaloes had a guanine (G) at this site, while introduced river buffaloes and crossbred buffaloes showed a cytosine (C). Our findings suggested that this Y-linked SNP displayed type-specific alleles differentiating swamp and river buffaloes, and could be used as an effective marker to detect crossbreeding of swamp buffaloes with introduced river buffaloes in native buffalo populations, and thereby assess genetic diversity status and make proper conservation decisions for indigenous swamp buffaloes. In addition, this SNP can be potentially applied in the study of Asian water buffalo phylogeny from a male perspective.
Swamp buffalo;River buffalo;SRY;SNP;Genetic diversity;Conservation;
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