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Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Daily Milk Yield, Somatic Cell Score, Milk Urea Nitrogen, Blood Glucose and Immunoglobulin in Holsteins
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 Title & Authors
Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Daily Milk Yield, Somatic Cell Score, Milk Urea Nitrogen, Blood Glucose and Immunoglobulin in Holsteins
Ahn, B.S.; Jeon, B.S.; Kwon, E.G.; Khan, M. Ajmal; Kim, H.S.; Ju, J.C.; Kim, N.S.;
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This study estimated the effects of parity (1-3) and stage of lactation (early, mid and late) on daily milk yield (DMY), somatic cell score (SCS), milk urea nitrogen (MUN), blood glucose, and immunoglobulin G (IgG), their heritabilities and genetic correlations between them in Holsteins (n = 200). Means and standard deviations of DMY, SCS, MUN, blood glucose, and IgG in the experimental herd were , , , , and , respectively. DMY was the lowest in first parity, and in late lactation. SCS increased with parity; however, it was lowest in mid-lactation. MUN was lowest in first parity, and no difference was noted across stage of lactation. Blood glucose was similar between parities, however the highest blood glucose was observed during mid lactation. IgG level was significantly different between first and second parity; however, stage of lactation did not affect its level. Heritability of DMY was 0.16. Its genetic correlations with SCS and with blood glucose were -0.67 and 0.98, respectively. Heritability of SCS was 0.15. Genetic correlations of SCS with MUN, glucose, and IgG were -0.72, -0.59, and 0.68, respectively. Heritability of MUN was estimated to be 0.39 and had a genetic correlation of -0.35 with IgG. Heritabilities of blood glucose and IgG were 0.21 and 0.33, respectively. This study suggested that MUN, blood glucose and IgG could be considered important traits in future dairy selection programs to improve milk yield and its quality with better animal health and welfare. However, further studies are necessary involving more records to clarify the relationship between metabolic and immunological traits with DMY and its quality.
Genetic Parameters;SCS;MUN;Glucose;IgG;
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