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Status of Lipid Peroxidation in Normal Cycling and α-Tocopherol Supplemented Anestrus Buffalo Heifers (Bubalus bubalis)
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 Title & Authors
Status of Lipid Peroxidation in Normal Cycling and α-Tocopherol Supplemented Anestrus Buffalo Heifers (Bubalus bubalis)
Kahlon, R.S.; Sodhi, S.P.S.; Singh, Rajvir;
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The present study was undertaken to analyze the status of erythrocytic malonyl dialdehyde (MDA) as an index of lipid peroxidation in normal cycling and -tocopherol supplemented anestrus buffalo heifers. Before supplementation, the blood samples were collected at weekly interval in anestrus and normal cycling buffalo heifers and data from four samples was pooled to establish pre-supplementation base line. Thereafter, the blood samples from anestrus and -tocopherol supplemented anestrus buffalo heifers were taken at fortnightly interval for 12 weeks during supplementation and for four weeks during the post-supplementation period. The pre-supplementation endogenous erythrocytic MDA, 0.3% induced-erythrocytic MDA and 1.5% induced-erythrocytic MDA levels (nmol/g Hb) increased significantly (p<0.05) in anestrus heifers (, , ) when compared to normal cycling animals (, , ). Oral supplementation of 3,000 mg of -tocopherol per week per animal in anestrus heifers resulted in a progressive and significant (p<0.01) decline in erythrocytic MDA levels. These observations implied that supplementation of -tocopherol to anestrus buffalo heifers ameliorated their antioxidant status by alleviating the effects of oxidative stress.
Lipid Peroxidation;Malonyl Dialdehyde;-Tocopherol;Anestrus;Buffalo Heifers;
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