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Effects on Performance of Sulla and/or Maize Silages Supplements for Grazing Dairy Cows
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 Title & Authors
Effects on Performance of Sulla and/or Maize Silages Supplements for Grazing Dairy Cows
Chaves, Alexandre V.; Woodward, S.L.; Waghorn, G.C.; Brookes, I.M.; Burke, J.L.;
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The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of either maize or sulla silage supplementation to grazing dairy cows in summer. Forage mixtures used in the four week trial were based on previous experimental results but inclusion of rumen fistulated cows in five treatments enabled rumen sampling and use of in sacco incubations to determine the diet effects on digestion kinetics. Sulla and maize silages were used to supplement pasture and to meet minimum requirements for dietary protein concentration. Five groups of ten cows were grazed on a restricted daily allowance of 18 kg dry matter (DM) pasture/cow to simulate a summer pasture deficit, and four of these five groups received an additional 6 kg DM of silage (sulla, maize, or sulla and maize silages). A sixth group was given a relatively unrestricted (38 kg DM ) pasture allowance. The silage mixtures and pasture were incubated in sacco during the final week of the trial. The pasture was of high nutritive value and not typical of usual summer conditions, which favoured a response to quantity rather than quality of silage supplements. There was no difference in cow performance with the four silage supplements and the low milk solids (MS) production (about 1.0 kg ) relative to full pasture (1.3 kg ) showed the principal limitation to performance was dry matter intake. Milk composition was not affected by silage type and the low level of pasture substitution (0.29) suggested metabolizable energy (ME) was the principal limitation to performance. Samples of rumen liquor and in sacco data demonstrated significant effects of supplement; DM degradation rates (k) was highest () when cows were fed 6 kg sulla silage whereas diets with a high proportion of maize silage were slowly degraded (p<0.01).
In sacco;Milk;Pasture;Silage Mixtures;
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