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Effects of Dietary Energy Density on Growth, Carcass Quality and mRNA Expression of Fatty Acid Synthase and Hormone-sensitive Lipase in Finishing Pigs
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Dietary Energy Density on Growth, Carcass Quality and mRNA Expression of Fatty Acid Synthase and Hormone-sensitive Lipase in Finishing Pigs
Liu, Z.H.; Yang, F.Y.; Kong, L.J.; Lai, C.H.; Piao, X.S.; Gu, Y.H.; Ou, X.Q.;
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A single factorial experiment was conducted to test the effects of three dietary levels of energy on mRNA expression of fatty acid synthase (FAS-mRNA) and hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL-mRNA) and their association with intramuscular fat in finishing pigs. 72 crossbred (Large ) barrows with an average initial body weight of 20.71 (s.e. 0.1) kg, were randomly allotted to three dietary treatments (11.75, 13.05 and 14.36 MJ DE/kg) and fed until slaughtered at 100 or 101 kg. The diets were iso-nitrogenous and iso-essential amino acids. The growth performances including the duration of finishing were changed linearly (p<0.05) or quadratically (p<0.05) with increased dietary energy levels. The effects of dietary energy content on the percentage of external fat, intramuscular backfat and the fat thickness were linear (p<0.05). The content of dietary energy increased FAS-mRNA linearly or quadratically, while HSL-mRNA decreased linearly or quadratically in backfat and Longissmus dorsi muscle. Meanwhile, significant positive correlations (p<0.05) were found between energy level and intramuscular fat, FAS-mRNA or the ratio of FAS-mRNA to HSL-mRNA, between the ratio of FAS-mRNA to HSL-mRNA and intramuscular fat. However, the correlations between HSL mRNA and dietary energy or intramuscular fat were negative (p<0.05). The results indicated that dietary energy level regulates lipid accumulation, especially intramuscular fat, possibly by modulating the mRNA of FAS and HSL together rather than individually.
Energy;Fatty Acid Synthase;Hormone-sensitive Lipase;Carcass Quality;Finishing Pigs;
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